September 9, 2016 Intercontinental, Almaty, Kazakhstan|Art as an asset


Art Expert

 Lee Kamilla Vitalyevna is the art expert with experience of more than 50 years, secretary of the Artists Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, independent expert. Curator of a number of projects and exhibitions, President of “Ecology of Culture” Public Fund, member of Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, member of UNESCO International Association of Art Critics, International Literary and Artistic Association, member of the Board of Kazakh Union of Designers, previously – head of “Laboratory of intellectual property” nongovernmental organization and member of Expert Commission of Almaty on export and import of cultural values. Author of about 200 articles, catalogues, books and albums. Ms Lee is the owner of copyright certificate creating the conceptual project “Evaluation of national resources” in chapter of “Evaluation of objects of intellectual property”.