September 9, 2016 Intercontinental, Almaty, Kazakhstan|Art as an asset


Director of LINK Management

Aymeric began his career as trader in the Singapore International Monetary Exchange before joining in 1998 Union Europeenne de CIC as a proprietary and arbitrage trader on Asian markets. He joined the Link Asset and Securities in 2001 in London, as partner of the LINK Group and Head of Equity structured products. After the company was acquired by ICAP in 2008, Aymeric co-founded LINK Management in 2009 following a long-term passion for art as a collector. Aymeric holds a Master of Finance from ESCP-EAP and studied Art history at Lille-III University, intervenes in Master of Finance, Banking and Wealth Management at LLLC on "Alternative investment" classes.

LINK Management is an art advisory firm specialized in the constitution and risk management of art collections, and in the structuring of art investment portfolios for collectors as well as family offices and private banks. Link Management is based in Germany and in the Luxembourg Freeport.