September 9, 2016 Intercontinental, Almaty, Kazakhstan|Art as an asset




 KEREMET International Art Business Conference (the “Conference”) will be held on 9th of September 2016 at    Intercontinental Hotel, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
The Conference organized by KEREMET Holding law firm and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, State Art Museum named after A.Kasteyev and National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is the premier international event in Kazakhstan and CIS in the field of art business which will be the platform for discussion of various issues and networking for art collectors, art galleries, artists, banks, legal, finance and insurance consultants, auction houses, and other major service companies in the art business field. The Conference also aims to channel the energy, inspiration, knowledge, experience and dialogue that the Conference generates into serious business development creating new art business realities and new international art projects.
One can argue that Art can clearly exist without a market, but in any case artists fundamentally rely upon a certain economy in order to live and make the art. Modern art market states its own rules and makes an impact to the level of success of some art works which are regarded not only as pure art objects, but as attractive asset or profitable investments both in the country and abroad. Kazakhstan is known for impressive list of both legends of Kazakh art as Abilkhan Kasteyev, Salikhitdin Aitbayev, Pavel Zaltsman, Zhanatai Shardenov, Aisha Galimbayeva, Gulfairuz Ismailova and young rising stars who play the important role in representation of Kazakh modern art and culture. CIS in general have a lot to offer to international art market, however, the lack of international experience in some countries and/or existence of legislative obstacles together with other issues do not let to develop the transparent and effective art market in the region.
The OBJECTIVES of the Conference are:
  • To strengthen the value of the art objects as attractive investments and assets;
  • To provide the actual information on latest development trends of the international art market by competent speakers and share the experience;
  • To reflect necessary legislative changes in order to create the regulated art market in the country based on the examples of acknowledged industry leaders;
  • To maintain the cooperation between museums, art galleries, artists, legal and financial consultants, private collectors, auction houses and other art market participants.
The confirmed SPEAKERS include the representatives of Christie’s, Sotheby’s auction houses, museums, galleries, artists, art consultants, curators of large corporate art collections, banks, international insurance and appraisal companies, legal and financial consultants from the United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and UAE.
  •  Art as an asset: where and why to invest;
  •  Role of mass media in forming the art market;
  •  Building the corporate art collections;
  •  Art secured lending;
  •  Financing of the museums;
  •  Issues of export and import of art objects and insurance of galleries;
  •  Collecting: issues of expert examination, appraisal and authenticity of the art objects.
At least 100 delegates will take part in the event, including:
  •  Artists, heads of museums, auction houses, galleries, art dealers;
  •  Managers of various companies considering the art as an asset;
  •  Representatives of the banks, investment companies, asset managing companies, businessmen and private              collectors;
  •  Partners of the law firms, financial consultants, representatives of insurance and logistics companies.
The Conference will be held in English and Russian languages with simultaneous translation provided. 
KEREMET Holding is a company rendering legal, strategic brand management and management consulting services. 
KEREMET Art is the project established in 2015 to promote the emerging artists and assist them in finding the partners and new opportunities, as well as advise interested parties on various issues of the art market. 

Photos of the KEREMET International Art Business Conferencce 2016 can be viewed here: